Welcome. My photos celebrate the people, wildlife and natural settings that surround us.
Grassroots, community building efforts bring people together as we work to create more
sustainable communities.

I am a freelance photographer available for hire.

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RCPC 8-15-15

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RCPC 8-15-15

Wildlife and Pets

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Wildlife and Pets

The Dunns

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The Dunns


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CC Mane Event 2015

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CC Mane Event 2015

Scenes of Racine

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Scenes of Racine

Splash & Dash 1-1-2015

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Created 1-Jan-15
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Splash & Dash 1-1-2015

Guestbook for Brindle Brothers Photography by Roy Bohn
7.Bill Lizdas(non-registered)
So nice to see this, Roy! I will stop by to say hello as soon as the weather warms!
6.Ann Flegel(non-registered)
Roy, the pictures you took of the dogs really reflect their personality! I appreciate your letting us hire you for the weekend photo shoot, and your willingness to travel up to the peninsula. We need more time next year!
Wonderful work Roy. Excellent eye for THE image.
4.Dana Bertling(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. Love the ones of Jim and I in the 32 Roadster you took at the Racine Zoo. Thanks for sharing them with us. Keep up the great work.
3.Fraser May(non-registered)
Really nice work...you have the eye, mate.
The guestbook is empty.